Accounting for ROBS 401k

McNair CPA Accounting Associates, supporting your business growth.

Rollovers as Business Start-Ups (ROBS)

After establishing a ROBS (rollover as business start-up), connect with a CPA who understands the intricacies of bookkeeping, accounting, and tax rules of this unique startup funding option. A ROBS CPA can provide financial guidance for business owners and entrepreneurs that may have questions about various transaction types or inaccurate information. This type of funding option for startups has essential rules and guidelines that may be confusing without the help of an experienced and knowledgeable professional.

McNair & Associates Offers ROBS Expertise Nationwide

McNair CPA & Associates has established a strong reputation for business owner support all across the country. Our specialization in ROBS 401K allows us to assist with launch, company growth, and continued success for the long-term.

Comprehensive ROBS Support for Owners and Entrepreneurs

New business owners should focus on early growth opportunities, marketing, and employee management. The essential tasks of accounting, bookkeeping, and other accounting activities take up a great deal of time and energy that can be better used elsewhere. Through McNair & Associates comprehensive collection of CPA services, entrepreneurs can focus on their business needs.

McNair’s ROBS support for business owners includes:


Financial consultation on funding strategies related to roll over funds, the best time to invest, exit, or seek alternative funding sources. Plus, valuation services required when fluctuations in equity occur.


Accounting, tax filing and planning, or compliance checks. Our ROBS CPAs understand the consequences associated with being “out of compliance.”


Due diligence support for business acquisitions or dynamic opportunities.

Although we provide dependable business advice, we also handle the necessary paperwork in resolving compliance issues. Every client receives a unique hands-on approach tailored to their specific needs so they can focus on their success.

Reduce Financial Busywork

Many owners can feel overwhelmed when they consider how much financial data and business records are involved with the everyday function and long-term success of their company. Keeping track of bank statements, credit card bills, deposits and withdrawals, check clearing, tax filing paperwork, employee payroll, and vendor contracts can take up a great deal of time and attention. If an organization fails to stay current with these and other essential financial tasks, they could face costly penalties if they miss tax deadlines.

To avoid potential problems and make the most efficient use of your time, hire one of our high-quality, business-focused certified public accountants to handle your bookkeeping, financial planning, and tax filing preparation.

Three reasons why we are the right ROBS CPA firm for your business:

Professional Experience

Professional experience with ROBS company structure, rules, regulations, and best practices (not all CPAs have ROBS expertise and not all ROBS accounting and tax consultants are CPAs).

Affordable Service

Simple affordability and a fee structure that does not tack on charges for every single question or comment. Consider a concierge service model that allows for a monthly charge that covers all necessary help needed to reach company goals.

Glowing Reputation

A glowing reputation for nationwide excellence in practical assistance, advice, and customer service. Plus, we have real-world experience with multiple business types.

McNair CPA are ready to forge a professional relationship with your business. We will integrate seamlessly with your team and manage the accounting, tax filing, details and assist with navigating around regulations and obstacles that stand in the way of success.

Our business startup plan covers bookkeeping, tax preparation and filings. We even offer monthly planning meetings with the company owner or managerial teams.

When it comes to experience, very few CPA firms can boast continuous success since the 1970s. We have helped hundreds of companies launch and succeed, accurately prepared thousands of tax forms, and have worked with startups and establish businesses.



Unparalleled Accounting Expertise

Not only does McNair & Associates have a combined track record of exceptional service and success, but we also employ only the best individual bookkeepers, accountants, and CPAs with real-world business experience. Many have launched their own entrepreneurial enterprises or invested in startup companies themselves. This type of firsthand knowledge makes it possible to give actionable advice instead of textbook answers based on theories rather than practical familiarity. We understand the struggles and concerns of startups in many industries and have the power to offer top guidance, suggestions, and services to all.