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McNair CPA Accounting Associates is invested in your financial future

Our CPA firm is built around supporting you and your goals

Our Las Vegas CPA firm is different from a traditional CPA firm. While we have the skill set to complete your tax return, financial statement preparation / review / audit, our focus is more on the business owner and helping them achieve their goals.

One of the first questions we will ask is “what are your goals?” Are you building a business with immediate cash flow in mind or are you looking to build a business to sell in 3 – 5 years? Either way is fine with us, but that will dictate a lot of the advices we give along the way.

Our long-standing experience in many industries and with clients from start-up to close to $100 million in sales have provided us with the knowledge to guide you in your journey as a business owner.

Our company’s core values are built around our employees as well as the type of customers we work with on a daily basis. Our company is focused on giving you actionable and tangible solutions to apply to your business.

Our Core Values

These core values talk about who we are, the work ethic we possess, the personal side of us, how we work, the work we do, and how we work with our customers and with each other. We run our company based on these values, we hire and fire based on these values and we look for customers with similar values.

  1. Learn and improve constantly.
  2. Look beyond the numbers.
  3. Find a way and own the outcome.
  4. Communicate so there is no confusion.

Sound Financial Advice

As your trusted financial advisor, we are focused on addressing the challenges you face and providing the services you need to operate more efficiently, no matter the complexity of your business or personal situation.


Unparalleled Accounting Expertise

Your team will work with you throughout the year to help you address what your short and long term goals are and to make sure your business is on track to hit those goals.

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Address: 8337 W Sunset Rd #320, Las Vegas, NV 89113
Telephone: (702) 646-0888